AdvanTages Of Tunnel Oven SysTems

• Stone plated tunnel ovens
• In one baking line 1500 to 4300 bread loaves per hour with ovens from 9 to 27 meters
• Fully automated production
• Ideal system wich combines quality, technology and economical production
• Heating with only one burner up to 24 meters length
• Fuel saving
• Labor saving
• Working in hygenical conditions

Oven Specifications

• Baking conveyor made of Stone plates for better bread quality
• The heat of upper and under heating kanals can be adjusted seperately
• Special steam system for better bread quality
• Pnomatical system which adjusts the tightness of baking conveyor belt automaticaly
• Oven can be operated with LPG, Gas or Fuel Oil according to the customers choice
• Senkronization of the machinery, baking conveyor belt speed, amount of steam and heating tem
peratures can be adjusted easily via graphicaly controlled fully automatic controlled panel
• Full automatic bread loading system

Model ES-TF STONE 2.80/9 ES-TF STONE 2.80/12 ES-TF STONE 2.80/15 ES-TF STONE 2.80/18 ES-TF STONE 2.80/21 ES-TF STONE 2.80/24 ES-TF STONE 2.80/27
Baking Conveyor Width 2800MM 2800MM 2800MM 2800MM 2800MM 2800MM 2800MM
Baking Conveyor Lenght 9350MM 12350MM 15350MM 18350MM 21350MM 24350MM 27350MM
Baking Area 26M2 35M2 43M2 51M2 60M2 68M2 77M2
Baking Area Heat Power 152KW 201KW 250KW 299KW 348KW 396KW 445KW
Intermediate Need Of Heat (KCAL/S) 98000 130000 161000 193000 224000 256000 287000
Capacity (PCS/H) 1475 1950 2425 2900 3375 3850 4300
Ext. Dimentions A= 3960MM
B= 11550MM
H= 2870MM
A= 3960MM
B= 14550MM
H= 2870MM
A= 3960MM
B= 17550MM
H= 2870MM
A= 3960MM
B= 20550MM
H= 2870MM
A= 3960MM
B= 23550MM
H= 2870MM
A= 3960MM
B= 26550MM
H= 2870MM
A= 3960MM
B= 29550MM
H= 2870MM