Döner-Fırınlarda üst düzey Teknolji


Heating by electricity,oil, or gas. Indirect heating baking through hot air convection. Balanced and homogen baking system. Front coverings and the entire baking chamber made of AISI 304 quality. Baking temperature 200-300 C Option for door locking system preventing the door from being locked unintentionally. Discharge of high-pressured steam for baking chamber. Option for steam production in tubes or on plates. Perfect isolation preventing energy loss.


Capacity 230 kg/s
Hour output for 300-400 gr. Bread (Pcs/h) 675 ad/ s 
Width 1805 mm
Depth 2390 mm
Height 2300-2660 mm
Baking Temperature 260-280 C
Baking Period (min)  16-17 dak
Number of Trays  16-17
Tray Size 74*98 cm
                                                         Net Weight 2650,2650,2450 kg
Heat Source  Mazot      Oil D.Gaz      Gas Elektrik    Electric
Fuel Consumption 10 lt/h 10.7m3/h
Electrical Power 4.2 kW 4.2 kW 87.8 kW